Call for Submissions

May 22-June 30
I’m seeking pieces on the theme of Recycling, of course, for my Anthology section, in any of the following categories:

Poetry; Fiction or Nonfiction up to @2000 words

Visual Art
Any type and medium: painting, drawing, photography, CGI, sculpture, video, textiles, yarn, thread, mosaic, found objects, ephemera…you get the idea

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Music & Performance
Audio, video, sung, played, spoken

Please see the Anthology and Prose and Poetry sections for an idea of what I’m looking for. I can only pay you in gratitude at the moment, but if you have a blog or website, I’ll link to it and send people your way.

Email submissions (text, images, video, mp3), with a brief bio, to
Questions? Comment here, email me at, or send a message to the Recycled Facebook page.
Submit by June 30

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