Paper Typewriter; Jennifer Collier

I am a writer, editor, teacher and scavenger. This website consists of several work-in-progress parts.

Poetry & Prose:  an ongoing collection of pieces-fiction, nonfiction, poetry-I make out of things I find lying around: receipts, ads, junk mail, automated customer service messages, click bait, music and art and old books of myths and stories and philosophy, old letters and school papers my mother kept, everything I ever wrote: myself in a box.  Stories are in everything, waiting to be found and told. And everything is in a story: not only events, people and places and weird little things, but deep meaning and even deeper confusion, big and little ideas, the stuff and substance of our imaginations.

Teaching & Learning:  Call it the Recycled Curriculum, I guess, a grab bag of lesson plans and workshops, assignments and practical approaches, some of which I learned (and am still learning) from others, some of which I developed in fits and starts over time. I’ve tried to make my stuff customizable to any age student, focused less on product than on process, built on the origins and evolution of speech and language and story, and how we are essentially wired to shape narratives. It is as natural as drawing breath: ideas and stories and the words to shape them are everywhere.  There is no such thing as nothing to write/think/read/tell. There is no person who can truthfully say ‘I am not a writer.’  Language, spoken and written, is as democratic as it gets: a gift we all possess. Everyone can claim its power. Everyone can practice and master its use, in speech, thought, reading and writing.  And once that happens, our refusal to be silenced, manipulated, or lied to has some real weight behind it: we can listen better, talk back, shape and express our thoughts, and demand that all voices be heard.

Anthology: an ongoing collection of pieces made by others: friends, students, teachers, relatives, strangers. Watch the Anthology space for Calls for Submissions.

Art & Music: Found pieces from everywhere: friends, strangers, sites, and blogs.

Recycled, my Facebook page, shares links and posts and sites from all over the place: writers, teachers, learners, artists of all stripes. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Words are the ultimate renewable resource. Stories are our birthright. Their potential is intimate and universal, trivial and profound. That’s what this site is about.


Melinda Rooney